Do you represent a publisher that is looking for an outlet to donate overstocked books?

The majority of books that we send out are donated form Publishers in the US who need a place to donate books.  We are pleased to be partnered with over 45 publishers helping us touch lives behind bars.

Are you a publisher that publishes books for a Judeo/Christian body of worship that is very specific in their beliefs (ie Jewish, Roman Catholic, etc)?  We receive a lot of general books on Christianity but would love to put the resources into the hands of chaplains so that they can reach a more diverse group of inmates.  The background of each in mate sometimes makes them more open to religious books that are in line with something they experienced growing up.  By having these more specific books sent to areas where that specific religious sect of culture is highly populated we are able to better aid the chaplains and inmates in getting the reading material they need to re-enter their societies as functional and rehabilitated citizens.

If you are interested in donating books or monetary resources please use the donate button or the contact us button for more details.

We would like to thank the following publishers whose generous donations makes the work of Prison Book Project possible.

Baker Publishing Group
Barbour Publishing
Berean Call
Bridge Logos
Bethany House

BroadStreet Publishing
Christian Fellowship Publishers
Creation House
Crossway Books
Pneuma Life Publishing
Zur Distribution LTD
Christian Sales Direct
Dake Publishing
Destiny Image
Editorial Unilit
Eternal Perspective Ministries
Eternal Productions
Evergreen Press
Frontier Research Publications
Genesis Communications
Imago USA
Gospel Folio Press
Green Key Books
Harper Collins Publishers
Integrity Music
International Bible Society
Kregel Publications
Koinonia House
McDougal Publishing
Moody Publishers
Multnomah Publishing
New Leaf Press
Oracle House Publishing, Inc
P&R Publishing
Sumerall Publishing
Thomas Nelson
Tyndale House Publishers
Whitaker House
Hatchette Book Group
Waterbrook Press
World of the Bible Ministries, Inc.
Zondervan Publishing
Broadman & Holman