How you can help

650,000 inmates will be released into communities this year, 487,500 will be back in jail within 5 years. The prison system is not working at rehabilitating prisoners or deterring them from committing future crimes. The only way to change the life of a prisoner is to change the heart of a prisoner. There is no question that the written word is one of the most powerful means of education in the history of man. Prison Book Project is striving to touch lives behind bars to decrease the chances that these same lives will end up behind bars again.

We understand that helping prisoners is not as popular as other giving opportunities. We also understand that “helping” prisoners has a two-fold benefit, maybe even a four-fold benefit. Good Christian programs in prisons have been proven to help reduce recidivism rates. A prisoner is not an asset to society, they are a burden; helping to change unlawful life choices is a large part of our mission. Love for people is a reflection of Christ in us; His desire to see none lost is the force that drives us. His command that we “visit those in prison” is not optional. We choose to be counted with the lambs instead of the goats. (Matthew 25:36 – 46).

Facilities are a major problem with us. We try to keep the cost of operating at a minimum. That has required that we seek space that cost us as little as possible. We pay rent on our 1,000 sq. ft. office space and distribution center and then we also rent a warehouse space across the street. The spaces are very small and very costly.

Because of the extreme limits on our storage space, we have been forced to turn down offers of more than 300,000 books so far this year. How many lives could have been changed by that material? For every book we fail to provide, another person is released unchanged. Someone will have to deal with that person. It could be you. Won’t you make a commitment to help us today, for the sake of your tomorrow?